The Statue of Alexandros Onasis

(From conception to installation)

The statue of Alexander Arist. Onassis stands at the homonymous Airport of Kythera, donated by the expatriate businessman Georgios Hatziplis.

 The sculptor took 4 months to finish the project.

The total height of the statue along with its base is 3.5 meters, (the statue of Al. Onassis itself is 2.20 meters). It’s made of Dionysos marble. 

The unvailing ceremony took place on the summer of 2018.

Step One: Formation of the figure with clay
Step Two: The final clay model becomes a plaster mold.

Step Three: The artist finaly works on the marble.
Step Four: The project gets installed on its final pedestal, at the airport of Kythera island, Greece.